Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 121212 Concert - A Quick Update

As many of you know tonight the 121212 Concert for Sandy Relief aired. I watched the vast majority on the Cooking Channel while some of you may have taken to the Internet or other media outlets that carried this event worldwide.

Above is the web site for you to make a donation and find out additional information on how you can help. The Federal Government seems to be dragging their feat and oddly enough the election is over. This is not about politics, this is about a storm of biblical proportions and the lives and well being of our fellow citizens.

Two years ago I was flooded out of my home, actually I refused to leave. I literally camped out on my couch for 10 days because it was part of only about the 10% of my residence that did not go under water. I only had a small taste of what the victims are going through but when you go through an event like that you are never the same.

Billy Crystal had the right idea. If the audience was the estimated 2 billion and everyone just gave a dollar then we could speed the clean up and get people back on their feat again. While I believe the minimum is ten dollars - you get the idea. Check out the link!

It could have been you. There but for the grace of god...Think about it and if you can just give a dollar then click on the link and or share it with a friend!

"We the people" CAN make a difference.
Over 30 million raised so far!