Saturday, December 1, 2012

So why don't I allow comments on my site?

So why don't I allow comments on my site? This happened to come up when a certain attorney sent me a nasty gram I just found earlier today.

Do I not care about your comments? Not really, when they involve name calling from a "professional" who is more concerned with convincing me he is somehow right rather than forming his own ideas and opinions then the answer is a huge no.

You should care about your comments. How does the music make you feel? Are you really listening or simply going through the motions. Real critics much like real Patriots and Christian's are comfortable in the sonic value system they call jazz. My opinion is essentially meaningless yet angers many. Grow a pair. I believe in what I write and have no intention of changing. All I offer is perspective. Now, if you find it offensive and rude and happen to be a lawyer then I would certainly re-think my professionalism.

The goal is for you to listen and make up your own mind while becoming comfortable where your own artistic growth is or may be developing. Not allowing comments allows you to a.) think for yourself and b.) avoid time wasted  on flame wars where some one thinks they have the keys to the cultural kingdom. There are no absolutes in music, just subtle shades of gray. Agree with me, disagree with me because I do not give a shit. I do not write for the validation of artists, labels, or other publications yet have an entire page devoted to these very people that it is the music I care about - nothing else.

There are large numbers of sites, none of which allow commentary. There is a difference between commentary, blogging, and journalism. Look em up. Better yet, read a book...