Friday, December 14, 2012

Rod Stewart Merry Christmas Baby Verve 2012

Perhaps the best thing about doing a Christmas review is you can bang one out in five minutes. Rod Stewart took a little more time with this...

With all the albums and millions of copies sold and not being a "spring chicken" as some would say, the result is they would immediately pass over this release without a second look. Merry Christmas Baby may actually be one of Stewart's very best recordings ever and he uses a very simple formula. Great tunes, solid arrangements and well thought out placement of his guest artists with a knockout performance from C-Lo Green.

The tunes here include "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" along with "White Christmas" and my personal favorite (thank you) "Merry Christmas Baby." Guest artists that include C-Lo Green, Trombone Shorty, Michael Buble and Peter Erskine there is a nice balance and an incredibly entertaining mix of flavor happening here. I dig this one and I am not a big Rod Stewart fan.  

With perhaps the only tune that is somewhat out of place we find "When You Wish Upon A Star." However, Stewart bangs this tune out with great style and finesse. The only other negative comments I have "heard" are Stewart approach has become vastly more old school and that he doesn't sound like he did when he was 30. Given the fact the man is past 65 he won't sound the same but the voice is far from shot and this is a release well worth your time!

Verve gets some wood on the ball with probably the labels best release for the year!

Merry Christmas!