Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lorenzo Feliciati Artist of The Year 2012! Part 1

In part two I touch on Lorenzo's photo of well wishes to a fan with M.S.  Mario Contarino is the gentleman's name. I was touched allthough not surprised Lorenzo and some other stars on the Italian jazz scene would take time out to brighten someone elses day. This is the true spirit of music and Christmas at its finest. What we take for granted means everything to someone else.

In kicking off the interview I asked about his status among other bassists and how he would describe his approach to not only his weapon of choice but who or what he might look for in playing with other musicians.  

L.F.- "Sometimes when I work on a new song or when I am working on some tracks I recorded(editing, overdubbing or whatever I can do) the bass is the last instrument I work on…Usually I always start with a good drums pattern or loop or sample, not easy for me to create something with just a click track in met ears.
No matter if it is a synth sound , a piano or Rhodes riff, it will pop out from my head probably only if I have a good groovy drums track to listen to.
Of course when I compose for a certain situation or band I try to always keep in mind the musicians that will play the tracks, but in the last years/projects I had the pleasure and the honor to make music with people that is not afraid to take the unknown direction at the crossroad, the ones that like the idea to be in a maybe "new" territory", something that maybe will push them to approach the instrument and the interaction between the musicians in a new , fresh way….I mean at least this is what i try to tell me if this happened sometimes in my music
My approach to bass is always the same, I try to be the center, the core of the song and of the balance in the band but this doesn't means that I play a lot, sometimes if you are not playing the "missing" of your instrument will make it even more the focus of the music…this is what reggae and dub music is all about.
Of course sometimes I play flashy lines but always try to don't
start from a super busy bass line and then build a song around it, if it is busy is because I think that is what the music needs…I hope this is what you get while listening to the music!"

If there were to be a common misconception from European player among the American audience - what is it?
L.F. - "To be honest I am no more able to think in therms of European or American, no with the Internet, Facebook, etc etc is easy to have feedback from all over the world and something that was hard to believe 20 years ago now is part of my daily routine….writing, answering, skyping….but of course the American audience has a strong tradition for Jazz and Jazz Rock so it is easier for me and my music to be heard, I love to play in the States and to know what the American audience thinks of my stuff."

Lorenzo Feliciati and an excusive photo of Naked Truth - Best Group for 2012 (Not a link - a photo)