Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lorenzo Feliciati Artist of the Year 2012 Part 2! is pleased to announce bassist Lorenzo Feliciati as not only artist of the month for December but he is our pick for Artist of The Year. With a stellar solo recording Frequent Flyer which boasts such contemporary luminaries as Bob Mintzer to his critically acclaimed work with the band Naked Truth. Lorenzo has raised the bar for bass players every where not just Italy. For the uninitiated that may not be familiar with his work then think Bill Laswell or Brian Bromberg on steroids. The photo at the right depicts Lorenzo holding up well wishes to a fan with muscular dystrophy. More artists should follow his lead instead of boring us with their political spin or thoughts on certain social/political/religious topics that we neither care about or remember. Lorenzo is all about the music and I had a chance for some face time and he was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.

As a player, even as a writer myself ...Who are your influences and how have they effected your performance both as a composer and instrumentalist?

L.F. - "My older brother Pierluigi turned me into Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, CSN&Y so if it is true that we will never forget our first love I think I will have a rock attitude for all my life !!
Then I started to listen to new Wave(do you remember Devo?), and at the same time I discovered all the Jazz Rock thing like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever and of course Weather Report….the night I saw Weather Report with Jaco in 1980 in Rome(I think it was the tour to promote the "Weather Report " album)changed my life I guess…of course he was doing stuff on the bass that nobody did before , but I can say now that probably what had the biggest impact on me was that he was really driving the band(we all know that Zawinful was the driver but I was 15 years old sometimes only playing few notes..but whit such a warm, wonderful sound and he always did the right ones…again, if the song needed one note he did one, if the song needed 1000 notes well…no problem for him to do them and with a perfect timing, stamina and pitch even on a fret less bass !!
Together with Jaco I started to listen to Percy Jones, Brand X, Jeff Berlin with Bruford and all the old Prog stuff, with I still love and listen a lot."

Will you be working on both a follow up to Frequent Flyer and the latests Naked Truth?

L.F. - "I am already working on new songs for the follow up of Frequent Flyer with my new quartet,now this is my main focus together with a new crazy, deep project that will be out in early 2013 on Rarenoise..but cannot say more !!"

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