Sunday, December 9, 2012

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Live 2007 Swan Song/Atlantic/Warner Music

Product Details So am I a musical snob or hypocrite...A little of both? Normally it would be on rare occasion that a so called "pop" album would cross my desk with more than a second look but Led-Zeppelin is a tad different. Perhaps the best British band to successful not only merge blues and pop music but create a new genre more commonly known as "metal." I've also taken some well placed if not well deserved pot shots at the worlds biggest music blog for reviewing bands like David Bowie while they bypass some major jazz artists all together or come back to them six months later when interest is totally gone. (Yet they have all been scooped here). Like I said, Zeppelin is special. The improvisational influence is unmistakable with Led Zeppelin while Bowie and Bob Seger not so much...sales alone prove me right again.

Time is not always kind nor is it a healer of all things. Essentially Celebration can be broken down to the audio CD followed by the audio/DVD package and then you can toss in the Blu-Ray so allow me to save you some time and perhaps a few bucks this Christmas season. The audio disc is Led-Zeppelin Greatest Hits Live and worth every penny. Anything remotely connected to the video portion of this release is the sonic equivalent of watching 3 cadavers wait for their autopsy report. Don't worry...The Rolling Stones and The Who are releasing material and they have been musically irrelevant for a far longer period of time than Zeppelin.

On a recent Letterman appearance, Jason Bonham (son of late Led-Zeppelin drummer John) was noticeably missing with no explanation offered or asked. This would be like Grandmother having Christmas and perhaps forgetting to invite one of the favorite grandchildren.

If your a Zeppelin fan then the audio disc is perfectly suited for your needs. The video/Blu-Ray portion of the legendary show from 2007 is overkill at best. Never noted for pristine sound quality more than half of Celebration shows why. I am torn straight down the middle on this. Worth a listen not necessarily a look.

Tracks: Good Times Bad Times; Ramble On; Black Dog; In My Time Of Dying; For Your Life; Trampled Under Foot; Nobody's Fault But Mine; No Quarter.
Disc Two - Since I've Been Loving You; Dazed And Confused; Stairway To Heaven; The Song Remains The Same; Misty Mountain Hop; Kashmir; Whole Lotta Love; Rock And Roll.

Personnel: Robert Plant: vocals; Jimmy Page: guitar; John Paul Jones: bass; Jason Bonham: drums.