Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lawyers - God's Parasites.

Boo Hoo...I had been off line for several days working on a variety of stories to finish out the year. I come back to a tear jerker and the key word is jerk of an email from an attorney that may or may not represent Noah Preminger. I am guessing not just based on the state he claims to practise in but that most professional attorneys do not resort to name calling. 

Here is the deal...Preminger fired the first shot. Preminger made claims of statement that I never made and oddly enough he can not back these up with as much as one email. The killer was Preminger then went WAY out on a limb claiming I hate all Democrats because all Democrats are liberals. Most high school students are aware of blue dog Dem's, social moderates etc.There is no more one size fits in all in politics then there is in jazz but an artist that happens to be liberal is allowed to play judge,jury and executioner...Again, Preminger's statement was an assumption which is a word his attorney should look up, it is right next to conjecture. I have consistently advised artists to avoid religion, politics, and sexual orientation much like I avoid Thanksgiving at my sister's. I was then told to remove my content and tell the world what a beautiful soul he has.....I don't review soul, never have but Preminger is an o.k. guy and like many we had a falling out over the election.

I made no false or malicious statements about Preminger and the ones he had about me he made on an emotional level and can not be proven true to this day. Still not sure who this lawyer douche thinks he is. I explained only a Federal judge dictates content on my site and politely told him to go in peace. Will Preminger and I work it out? Doubtful. Are we bitter enemies? No....This is why a smart artist avoids politics. A critic has "some" wiggle room, there is a certain level of snarky that causes some critics to cultivate large audiences. Like it or not, Preminger and I both work in the entertainment industry with his success right significantly higher than mine but I stand behind my statement until, if, or should I get a cease and desist letter. Making a non malicious opinion based on Preminger's own words is not an actionable offense.

For the record - I am an Independent that hits from the conservative side of the plate.  I accept and applaud diversity be it race, color, orientation but I don't do interviews on it. I know I have talked to artists who are all those things but unless they write with their testicles there is no issue. Those that scream for diversity the most practise it the least.