Monday, December 3, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs, Coming together for the common good.

So what is the answer? Toss all handguns in the river? Tougher gun laws? Violence among the youth in our communities has spiraled out of control. Many of you are aware of the murder/suicide ordeal involving a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Clearly there is no "easy" answers as apparently neither individual was physically or mentally stable enough to be carrying a firearm. So do we take them away? Do we take away our constitutional right to a well regulated militia and for the right to provide for our own safety when law enforcement is seemingly not up to the task? Normally I agree with Bob Costas and the brilliant writer Jason Whitlock but not here, not now, and not today. There are various forms of conflict resolution that can be taught in school, church, even neighborhood watch groups with the problem being no one is stepping up to the plate to do it.

Gun ownership is a right but with it comes responsibilities, whats worse is that there is a small child in Kansas City without a mom and dad tonight. There are two families grieving the loss of their loved ones yet no one especially in the African American community is standing up as a leader and role model for our youth that literally lay dying in the streets. If you are gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk or the best you have are a nation of hypocrites. The sad analogy is guns don't kill people, people kill people and until people start working together there is simply one more tragedy waiting to happen.