Friday, December 14, 2012

Joan Watson Jones Quiet Conversations - A Duet Eye Of Samantha Productions 2012

"Mood Music" or perhaps "Chill." Old school or new school Joan Watson Jones takes care of business on her soon to be January 2 released Quiet Conversations - A Duet.

Christmas and New Year's not withstanding sometimes getting intimate with your jazz allows one to get back to basics, clean the sonic pallet and simply enjoy the beauty of a good melody and that sums up Quiet Conversations - A Duet with Frank Wilkins on piano.

An eclectic mix of tunes makes for a stellar release as a new breath of life is breathed into forgotten classics such as "Here's To Life." Originally made famous by the great Shirley Horn, Jones and Wilkins do their own riff that is more than satisfying. To knock out a cover with just the right reharm where the original melody line is left in tact is a thing of beauty and is done to perfection here. "You Don't Know What Love Is" comes straight from the heart with once again Wilkins proving himself as the perfect accompanist in this setting. Watson-Jones has perfect phrasing, for budding singers this is a master class in how to do what you do! An absolute delight is Van Morrison's "Have I Told You" where the riff here is inventive yet true to the original lyrical purpose of the Morrison classic.

Quiet Conversations - A Duet is the perfect end to a perfect day and hopefully perfect Christmas season for one and all!

Tracks: Here's To Life; You Don't Know What Love Is; May I Come In; You and I; Have I Told You; You Talk Too Much; Wild Is The Wind; One More Year; Yes Dear; Forever Young.

Personnel Joan Watson-Jones: vocals; Frank Wilkins: piano.

Special thanks to Jim at Jazz Promo Services!