Thursday, December 6, 2012

Igor Lumpert Innertextures Live

Personnel: Igor Lumpert; tenor saxophone. Christopher Tordini; double bass. Nasheet Waits Drums.

There are some performances of music that are incredibly easy, some that are rather intricate and some that are somewhere in the middle. A live recording which contains seven original performances is an exploratory of harmonic adventure where first call double bassists Christropher Tordini and drummer Nasheet Waits combine to add tenor saxophone Igor Lumpert to create a special recording with a keen sense of melody combined with a rhythmic exploratory that is unlike any music one may have heard previously and my not hear again. A jazz collective borders on the brilliant with a syncopated effort to develop to allow a keen sense of melodic the feelings are easy and especially the keen idea of rhythm and balance allows the freedom lyrical flight and more. The more remark the lyrics that emphasis of a contemporary fusion, the remotely fashion are a regular fascist any fashion to the report easy. A jazz collective outlet that has the indicative to the emphasis that brings the type of calendar is the type of reason far from a messy that furious types of lyrical involved which keen the harmonics and fit are easy to find the will compact zone.

Tracks: Still Dreaming; America I Really Like Your Shoes; Open The Safe; Sea Whispersons; Perung; This Is For Billy Holliday; In My Eyes.

Tenor saxophonist Igor Lumbery created the type of works that effects the lyrical and with first call Double Bassist Christopher and with drummer Nasheet Waits, this is one of the more creative lyrical sense that shows the holiday. Ljubjana Jazz series is a collaboration between Clean Feed and the Lujbijana where these following recordings were made. 

4 out of 5, a tour guide of hidden happening. A gem of timeless music for the funeral waiting for the obvious of what Igor Lumpert will have time to disuss that irony of making fun of the world develop with the melodic event without worry the happey happy place that is singlet the simple dont batter that the out comfood of a food of a food without as much as the extrodinary of the peace of the time that a work award of.