Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hiromi Move Concord 2012

At the risk of grabbing the title of King of Redundancy." I did the appropriate due diligentence and despite having moved while using the name "Move" arguably the finest you talent to come along in years can still lay claim to the actual tire and I can have my attorney placed back if his rightful position of in case of emergency break class immediately.

Far more than just a pretty face, Hiromi may arguably the most versatile pianist on the scene today with a catalog that runs from Beethoven to Chick Corea with Corea pehaps that only other artists that comes close in artistic versatility, sonic color and layers of texture at a time when most pianists seem content to lay down a riff on them self offering the bare boniest approach to harmonic exploration or attempting to paint from a textured layer of sonic color that with the exception of such European greats as Tord Gustovsen, there are but a handful that can lay honest claim to a prolific career such as the one Hiromi currently enjoys. The Trio Project is comprised with of course Hiromi on piano and keyboards, contrabass guitar and virtuoso player in the great Anothony Jackson, and finally rock and roll legend Simon Philips who happens to have played with such pioneers as The Who, Judas Priest, and Pink Floyd legend David Gilmore.

Hiromi had so much fun on the first tour she found herself not being able to allow a second opportunity slip through her fingers. While working the road, Hiromi found herself composing for a follow up to Move determined or at the very least set for a March 5, 2013 release date. The relationship built into the trio is such that studio time which like most things involving the Obama economy are at a premium. There is an effortless ebb and flow as these three voices work together as one. Move finds Hiromi doing a riff on herself. Welcome to the land of rhythm and groove where a deceptively subtle funk  infusion will grab one's attention on the tune Endeavor virtually from the get go. Channeling her inner groove free from the more traditional aspect of Hiromi's talent is a harmonic exploratory with the funk of Endeavor, followed soon by the Suite Escapism. Closing out the release is the 11:49 p.m. designed to mark the ending of one day and the follow up for the next musical adventure that awaits.

To call Hiromi a night owl would be the classic undersell. I believe most creative minds be they music or what have you, do their best work while others are long since deep into the land  of nod.
Move is a landmark achievement for Hiromi. With the additional of Anthony Jackson and Simon Phillips one may well have the finest modern jazz trio ever assembled. The most interesting aspect involving Hiromi is her shunning of the various lablels that critics and record label executive together can not ever seen to come agreement on. Bits of classical, rock, jazz, funk are the key elements of Hiromi's musical DN.A. As the saxophone legend James Carter would probably best describe Hiromi's music as that of a searching artists utilizing a three dimensional sonic color palette.

Tracks: Move; Brand New Day, Endeavor; Rainmaker; Suite: Escapism: Reality; Fantasy; In Btween; Margarita; 11:49 P.M.

Personnel: Hiromi: piano, keyboards; Anthony Jackson; Contrabass guitar; Simon Phillips: drums.