Monday, December 10, 2012

Group Album of the year 2012 - Naked Truth Ouroboros. Rarenoise

Album release of the year for 2012 - Naked Truth with Ouroboros.

This was far closer than I thought but I took the advise of one of the "runner-ups" and went where the music led me there was no denying Naked Truth. While the first Naked Truth was released to critical acclaim there may still be those among you that say, who? Imagine Pink Floyd with Roxy Music and Alan Holdsworth and you are starting to get an idea of their sound including trumpet phenom Graham Haynes Along with Haynes we have Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums and percussion. Toss in the fabulous Roy Powell on Hammond B3, piano and Rhodes and then add bassist extraordinaire Lorenzo Feliciati and you get the album of the year.

A delightful harmonic exploratory that hits the visceral and cerebral and allows your mind to take a special holiday only a handful of bands can pull off. Judging one act against another is not easy and maybe not fair. Rarenoise and Naked Truth have both improved with time and grown and developed into what for me is the future of modern jazz.

Below you can find my review of Ouroboros, a sonic assault of controlled fury and lyrical inventiveness without ever leaving your couch. Pretty sweet!