Saturday, December 29, 2012

Going Over The Edge 2013

In a matter of hours we will begin a brand new the bad news, right after Soetoro runs us off the fiscal cliff. If Soetoro has an idea, any idea then he will sign an executive order to get it.

The bottom line is this...the more money floating around out there the less it is worth. Some economists are predicting a severe recession.Personally I am a fiscal independent, if Satan could balance the budget I would at least listen to him. Soetoro listens to know one. Where is the unity? Where is the reaching across the isle? I have not seen it and now we have a lame duck narcissist determined to financially wreck this country. With the Monday night deadline approaching let me spell it out for you...your taxes go up and your pay goes down. It is that simple, think making ends meet is easy now? Just wait, a potential global financial crisis is on deck and of course the eternal optimist in some people that read from Barry Soetoro's big book of liberal fairy tales believe at the last minute things will be o.k.  I also believe in good scotch, I'm against the designated hitter rule and I'm for long slow deep wet kisses that last three days...Sound familiar?

Harry Reid from Nevada has the never to call the House Speaker a dictator when Soetoro has written and put into place more executive orders than any President in history. Re-electing this clown was the biggest mistake America has made since Jimmy Carter. Now the government wants to use the Sandy Hook tragedy as a political football to buy back our guns. I hope I am wrong, I am usually correct. Should the nation fall over the fiscal cliff the potential recession looming could be catastrophic. I don't really believe Soetoro wants to trash the economy but I do believe he would like to see it more "European" in scope. If he needs help getting boxes from Kroger I hope he gives me a call.

Think about the positive...Food banks will need you more than every. Start locally and do what you can. If you are at a loss contact for complete details on what you can do to make a difference.