Monday, December 10, 2012

December Artist of The Month Lorenzo Feliciati.

So what's Christmas if you are not running late? Hanukkah I guess...Normally my December artist of the month would have been up but I have been a bit down, physically. Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati and his March release Frequent Flyer are the artist of the month and since Lorenzo has been on Santa's nice list he is also the 2012 artist of the year. I also have a special Q-N-A coming up but I thought this would be a righteous way to kick it off!

Now some of you may not be as familiar with Feliciati as others because he resides in Rome Italy. The most logical question might be; sounds like? I would have course answer he sounds like himself but as a musical frame of reference think Bill Laswell on steroids. Attached is the link for my riff on Frequent Flyer but the fun does not stop there...Feliciati has plays bass with what might best be called a progressive jazz ensemble by the name of Naked Truth who takes my title for best group recording for 2012. The label Rarenoise is progressive, cutting edge, technically vibrant material that is highly relevant and not held back by the normal ritualistic limitations of the commercial music business as we know it here in the States.