Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dallas Cowboy dead / One arrested.

To begin with...I am a Yahoo fan. I am also an avid pro football fan and once again tragedy has struck the NFL. I have attached the link below and ask you note the headline stating  DUI's are still a massive problem for the NFL. This implies choice...The Dallas Cowboy teammate did not have much of a choice here but the player behind the wheel did. The headline also implies the importance of how a DUI relates to society and to professional athletes as though one was somehow deserving of special treatment.

Tonight another family grieves the loss of a loved one. I am not terribly concerned with the driver of the vehicle as he will be served breakfast at tax payers expense Sunday morning. My sympathies go to to the friends and family members of the individual that perished in this accident. Accident? Stub your toe on the couch is an accident, skipping last call at a bar is a choice.

Life is all about choices. This is not the driver's first getty up with alcohol related priors and past history is a fair indication of future results. A good friend was killed by a drunk driver. Some of you have had friends seriously hurt or killed by drunk drivers. The time for "tolerance" is over...Actions will always speak louder than words. Don't expect to do the same thing and get different results - any good jazz musician will tell you that.