Saturday, December 15, 2012

Changes for 2013 at

The times they are a changing...

Very excited about the new year as some fairly major changes in presentation are going to be happening. So let me give you a taste with more to come soon.

1.) Both ECM and Trippin N Rhythm records will not be covered at this site with the exception of the odd yet major release from ECM...Normally I hit most everything they do but because of an increased work flow from Europe from Independent artists this is no longer possible.

2.) Trippin N Rhythm will no longer be covered at all with the exception of any projects Nate Harasim may be involved in. A fine label, good people but no readership. Smooth jazz is dead, totally irrelevant with the exception of more Independent artist like Phillip Denny or Shilts. Look for their reviews here as usual.  

Thankfully with the election over and done, political commentary is essentially a thing of the past unless there were to be a major news event. Since being followed by a major food television personality some ideas are being pitched here so do not be surprised if a certain network may pop up from time to time.

I will be doing some extensive work from Europe - primarily Italy which has the best modern jazz scene going, sadly my health had prohibited from jumping into that with both feet.

While major label contemporary music from such labels as Concord will be covered exclusively and  there will be a more concerted effort to focus on the Independent artist, rising stars and individuals that are making a significant contribution to the jazz scene but may be flying under your radar. I hope you join me! As a single person running an operation that puts out more reviews and more advanced reviews than major publications it is time to re gear to help aid in my physical recovery from a potentially life threatening illness.

With a little luck a new and improved web site will open in Feb. as I am still working on fund raising. The will be an open forum for all jazz musicians even those that won't be sending me a Christmas card this year! lol (Nicholas Payton, Orrin Evans, Rich Siegel etc...).

2013 has tons of promise!

Should my regular contacts have questions hit me up. You got the number!