Saturday, December 1, 2012

Best of 2012 - Various Jazz

My best of year end list is starting a tad early. The major releases (the numbers seemed down) are out although their may be one or two others that could get a serious look.
To begin: Label Of The Year - Rarenoise.
Artist of the Year - Lorenzo Fliciati and his solo effort Frequent Flyer, this virtuoso bassist is also my Dec. artist of the month. Other labels: Smooth - R.I.P , Contemporary - Concord. Straight Ahead - Posi-Tone and HighNote/Savant. World oriented - Motema.

Female vocalists, a tightly clustered pack with most of them incredibly forgettable finds some gems. Dena Derose wins hands down. While I took issue with some "gangsta" photos published on Nicky Shire's face book page - this is the price one pays for free speech. An incredibly close second would be cool for most people.  Jana Herzen of Motema a well respected third place.

Male vocalist - Curtis Stigers. Monster blow up in your face record that just edges out Joe Pisto from Emarcy in Europe.

Best New Artistit - Iris Ornig - Acoustic Bass.

Latin Jazz - Pancho Sachez live at the Hollywood Bowl.

Trumpet - Terrell Stafford

Piano - Chick Corea

Drums - Carmen Intorre Jr. with a close second nod to Ulysses Owens Jr. and Ernesto Cervini. 

Best new Independent Group - Myriad 3 followed by The Verge. 

Saxophone - Ivo Perelman, Kenny Shanker Tore Brunborg

Contemporary Instrumental - Philip Denny and "Shilts."

Guitar - Mike Stern and John Abercrombie

Bass and Artist of the Year - Lorenzo Feliciati

Quartet - Rino Arbore

Sleep Of The Year - Orrin Evans / Flip The Script

Best "Hybrid" and Award of Merit for expanding the Modern Jazz Horizon - Hristo Vitchev

Best Independent Artist - Louis Durra