Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Independent 2013

I wanted to take a moment before I pay the hospital yet another in what seems to be a never ending of visits to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year....EVEN Rich Siegel. See, it is not "if" the review comes down but "when." No one person is above civil law. While I actually feel bad about going after Siegel in the fashion that I am, I have been left no choice. Independendent artists, musicians and critics are all in the same boat and we are currently rowing up stream.

Siegel did not create the initial review any more than I wrote one of his songs. He seems confused with this. In 2013 I am turning my focus to the more global jazz scene and the dynamic and ever changing movement that is the Independent scene here in the states. Siegel is more than welcome to come along for the ride or he can sit there with his thumb up his ass trying to figure out his next move. I am in this for the long haul, hopefully to lay the ground work for other independent artists to move forward and have their work be appreciated and not stolen. Some think a review does not qualify as a work of art. I came up with the original idea, I created, I gave life to an otherwise inanimate object - let us see Siegel do that.

In a private conversation Siegel confided he could not afford an attorney or at the very least was not inclined to do so at this time. Given the threats from both Siegel and All About Jazz I am not holding my breath. I actually have no problem with A.A.J - a company that is currently being mismanaged into oblivion is of little if any concern for me. And given Siegel's profane email MELT DOWNS it is obvious he is in desperate need of legal council. Have we reached a "push" or a stalemate while one party waits for the other to blink. Siegel will have a long wait.  As our conversation continued, Siegel attempted to make it clear he was giving me "credit"...If I need credit I will go hunt  up PNC Bank and not an individual that openly supports Hamas and numerous other terror networks and according to his own site - Siegel is not allowed to fly in or out of the country of Israel...Something wrong here folks and I told him so. Keep his credit ( the "G" rated version) and do not ever attempt to give the impression you have an endorsement from me that does not exist in any form. Siegel has poked the bear once too often, now he gets the stick where the sun don't shine. The heart of darkness.