Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A brief summary on Sandy Hook. Liberals won't like it.

11 people and 1 record executive and 1 publicist.

The number of so called "friends" I lost thanks to a mentally ill wack-a-doodle that snapped for what ever reason. Let us face facts, publicists and record labels are not exactly "people" but that is a new topic for another day. The bat man shooter snapped. The Virgina Tech gunman snapped. There were signs for all these people that were ignored because no one wanted to get involved. I expressed a logical and reasonable opinion that you can not stop evil but merely slow it down. I was greeted by one incredibly gifted singer with the I.Q. of Tickle Me Elmo who called the Constitution an "opinion"...Constitutional scholars have argued this for years but a chick that can hit a high c and has perhaps a three to four octave range wants to tell me what my rights are. That my friends is rich. 

O.K. so if they come for our ammo, most of us will resist. What about bomb making material? What about the old "Saturday night special?" Both kill you just as quick. Make no mistake what happened was a tragedy but the bigger tragedy is a lack of follow up and follow through by law enforcement. I called a report in to Homeland security in good faith. I am guessing nothing has happened - yet. If you get involved in good faith with law enforcement then we as a people have a far better chance of having our current form of government survive.

Who needs assault weapons? A well regulated militia as outlined by our Constitution. Evil can not be "wished" away - look at radical Muslim terrorists. We overthrow two countries and they are hard at it. Do you really trust the Federal Government not to use your own weapons against you one day? They should be harder to get but what is next? Rocks? Again, like an addict someone looking to kill, Mame or destroy will find away. Time to face reality and stop being so naive. John Lennon died and he is not coming back. Woodstock is over. I only hope and pray some of you (record label excluded) need your second amendment rights. If taken away it is too late. The guns used in Ct. were legal and mom would take the little wack-a-doodle target shooting in an attempt to bond with her son since there was no dad around.

Logic, Common Sense, Personal Responsibility and the comprehension to sit down and read this so called "opinion" that actually allows for the citizens to take back or take down the government if they choose to do so. (Again - it is IN the Constitution) We the people have the power and we have the options and I for one will keep mine.

Responsible gun ownership involves training, safety, and prudent judgement. Gun locks were made for a reason. Gun ownership and by that I mean responsible gun ownership is even more than a right, it is a responsibility and one to be taken seriously. Don't allow an emotional knee jerk reaction let the Obama administration take away even more of our rights. The time is at hand where we made need these weapons now more than you think...