Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Fat Lady has sung...Hillary to be specific...

Well sports fans...the fat lady (Hillary) has sung. It is all over, mericifully...There is a musical irony of sorts in play I like to call the face book double standard. While I seriously considered myself Independent thanks to the scare tactics of the Tea Party Movement, there were just as many liberals content to label this columnist as a full blown conservative never mind my "word" on the matter. I was called and assumed to be racist, homophobic, a nazi and the list continues on... Should I have made similar reference to my liberal counterparts outside their obvious lack of reason and intellect then my liberal friends would have gone "ape-shit" while instead I cleaned house sending over 30 to the curb just like a large hefty bag full of recycle.

I could hit the high points one last time, take an "I told you so victory lap" when appropriate but the bottom line is this - there is no free lunch. America should never apologize for being the greatest country on earth and the blame America first crowd has an objective bias as long as your arm. My saving grace is I am battling a life threatening illness that will in all likely hood take me out before I can see Obama finish off the Republic.

Under the Obama administration this nation is more racially polarized then ever. What I dearly loved was musicians lacking a back bone posting a political comment then attempting to dictate what they deem an appropriate response. Artists actively engaged in censorship. Again, those that scream for diversity the loudest in reality  practise it the least. A patriot is defined as someone that loves and defends their country with their own life if need be. A patriot is not a spine less politically correct vermin determined to be all things to all people. America has no back bone, no resolve, no desire to allow the basic principle of democracy and majority rule lead the way for this nation. Since the election I have cleaned house of some 30 rather scary liberals.

Artists if you remember one thing then remember this...Do not ever post what you do not want to go public. Be prepared to defend your position strictly from an intellectual basis. I still have liberal friends. We don't talk politics, religion or matters of sexual orientation while eating.

So in conclusion we have Obama First Blood Part Two.People now think the Republicans HAVE to give in to poor ol Obama's chicken fried economic nightmare when in reality we have a lame duck President. Way to think it through America....