Sunday, November 11, 2012

Proving Preminger Wrong...Why jazz is his last hope.

In my previous piece on Noah Preminger I discussed his "moral outrage" at the proposed Romney N.E.A budget cuts. One would think after scoring a win he would be smart enough to shut his mouth and go back to what is a skilled trade for him which is playing music. Preminger continued his fire breathing rant accusing me of having the desire to hurt all musicians DESPITE running a non profit web site that champions the Independent artist. Noah then took 
assine to a new level of absurdity claiming 99% of all artists are Democrats yet Preminger gave no links, no numbers and no factual data of any kind so being the people person that I am...Here are some facts I referred to in my Obama piece where Obama proposed cuts that are in fact prudent and necessary for this countries economic survival. No one put a gun to Preminger's head and ordered him to be a sax player. My one and only point was that "We The People" need to figure out the difference between a need and a want and act accordingly. Preminger would rather discuss ideology while our currency continues to devalue as more is printed. In are the facts that Obama presented and I referred to. Before Preminger attempts to take on a critic who wasted far too much time reviewing and interviewing the sonic equivalent of a one trick pony perhaps he should a.) look up the word gratitude and b.) read the links below which prove that he is as wrong as wrong can be on this subject. I don't just dabble in jazz. I have worked in an administrative capacity with the Louisville Ballett Society, Louisville Orchestra, Various local art galleries and would venture my net worth which currently resides in my pocket I have forgotten more than this clown ever knew. Never bring a knife to a gun fight Noah and never tug on Superman's cape...Enjoy! As Americans WE have the responsibility of deceidinig our cultural fate while some musicians are just looking for a handout.

All of Preminger's reviews and interviews have been removed at the request of readers and due to an overwhelming bias I have against hypocracy. Why give alway free publicity to only have the artist spit in your face? Smooth Noah...Real Smooth.
The Obama Administration released today the FY 2012 budget request to
Congress which includes the nation's cultural agencies and programs, including
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President Obama's proposed budget for the 2012 fiscal year includes cuts to
funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National
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15 Feb 2011 ... Obama's proposed 2012 budget would cut NEA and NEH funding by 13 percent.
The number is likely to get higher. - 52k - Similar pages