Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post election hang over....2012, The downfall of America.

O.K. So the election is over...get over it and move on. The Republicans lost now and the American people will be losing more later. The amazing thing that had me in stitches was that a reporter asked Obama supporters some factually based and proven questions yet not one either was aware of the correct answer or cared.

1. Will taxing the "rich" fix the deficit?

Answer - No...Not enough rich people to tax. In fact the million dollar cut off mark used by the White House is a lie. The number is 250 thousand dollars. What is the fair share for the poor? Oh that's right, they contribute nothing. Hard to pay taxes on money you are too lazy to earn.

2. Is Obama Care good or bad?

Answer - Still don't know what is in it but do know if my parents sell their rather expensive home that $1500 bucks goes to a health care tax so clearly this is not a fully funded self supported program.

3. Has financial reformed helped?

Answer - Don't know. Reality - bank fees are up. Much like health care premiums.

Real and true reform must happen in certain areas but not a rush just to get a bill signed. My greatest fear is that this obsessive compulsive, narcissistic, dictator ruling by imperial decree will challenge the amendment and go for a third term.

Ego thy name is Obama.

We shall over come the shackles of tyranny, the Constitution gives us that right. Neither Obama would know with both having to turn in their law licenses in 2008. Go to the Illinois Bar and look at up. So Republicans, you better have learned something. Take a page from the Obama play book. Say the dumbest thing possible over and over and some schmuck will eventually believe you.