Friday, November 16, 2012

Percussionist/Composer Tim Kuhl reaches out to help after Super Storm Sandy.

Super storm Sandy left a path of devastation in it's wake that may take longer than Katrina to clean up. What takes even longer is putting some one's life back together. Sure, it's only a house or only a material possession when it isn't yours. Our society is far too materialistic, if the economic meltdown has taught us but one thing it is to appreciate what you have now because you may not have it forever and that goes for human life as well.

Percussionist/Composer Tim Kuhl reached out to me to give his new record a spin:

One of the best Independent releases of the year.

Now Tim is reaching out again with a video shot in Far Rockaway which experienced some of the worst devastation one can imagine. Here are some important talking points from the video:

Early in the summer of 2012 I was introduced to the Rockaway Peninsula by Mike Storey. I had never thought about New York as beach place and was immediately taken with New York On The Beach. For the rest of the summer we journeyed down on our bikes or the A train every chance we had.
On a late August weekend we headed down to Far Rockaway to record Tim Kuhl and his band performing his song Indigo Blue. With the summer coming to a close we wanted to make a document of the unique scene, the diverse population that live there and the people who come to visit.
2 months later the area was completely devastated by hurricane Sandy. At the time of writing the people of Rockaway are in dire need of immediate help. Homes have been destroyed and families uprooted. The long-term task of rebuilding this neighborhood is overwhelming and will also need your help. Please help get the Rockaway Peninsula and the people who live there back on their feet.
For an idea of the devastation caused by Sandy in Far Rockaway have a look at these images:
Here are some links to ways to help:
Be sure to earmark the funds for Rockaway Hurricane Relief
Both St. Francis de Sales Church and the Rockaway Beach Surf Club are volunteer hubs:
The Surf Club
302 beach 87th Street
Visit this link for more info and info on rideshare:
St. Francis de Sales
219 Beach 129th Street
For those in need of help text SANDY to 69866 and for those who want to volunteer text MUTUAL AID to 69866.
The Video Itself:

PLEASE DO What You Can!