Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paulette Dozier In Walked You PF&E 2012

Is it jazz? Is it blues? Is it that watered down hybrid Bobby Blue Bland made a career passing off as original music? I am totally confused so let us start off on a postivie note.

Paulette Dozier can sing. Dozier has great phrasing and a virtually flawless technique but the overwhelming issue with this release goes back to my days with American Idol - "know who you are as artist and sometimes too much versatility can indeed be a bad thing." Keep it clean, simple and tight. In Walked You is not a "bad" release especially when held up to critical examination compared to similar artists so I am not attempting to be cruel merely for sport. Let's break it down as to why they release is on a good day, average at best. To start we have an eclectic mix of tunes that run from Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are" to arguably the worst cover since the dawn of time when it comes to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary." Toss in one of the three worst songs that I feel were ever written with Minnie Ripperton's "Loving You" which is the standard by which all bad music is measured and I am sorry, I am just not feeling this one.

The saving grace for the release may well be the self penned original co-written with Mike Levine which does an emotional autopsy on that defining moment of love realized and the fact a life will never be the same. A delightful tune that hits the sweet spot between the visceral and cerebral. "Let's Fall In Love" is another but sadly one of the few tunes that work here as well. Dozier has talent there is no doubt but perhaps not for the music business. Paulette Dozier is a successful model, actor, voice over and performance coach and something tells me these are the god given gifts and insight meant to be shared with up and coming talent. It is not for a lack of trying or a lack of talent this release falls flat, the arrangements of tunes that are a collective hodgepodge of one hit wonders simply crashes and burns on it's own.

Tracks: The Days Of Wine And Roses, Autumn Leaves, Just The Way You Are, In Walked You, Loving You, Together Yet Alone, How Am I Supposed To Love Without You, Sunny; Proud Mary; Let's Fall In Love; With You; Summer Breeze.

Personnel: Paulette Dozier: vocals; Mike Levine: producer, piano; Jamie Ousley: bass; Sammy Levine: drums.

Guest Musicians: Ira Sullivan: flugelhorn; Jesse Jones Jr.: alto sax; Domenica Fossati: flute; Nicole Yarling: electic violin; Richard Bravo: percussion; John Lovell: flugelhorn &shekere; Alex Berti: bass; Dan Werner: guitar.