Sunday, November 11, 2012

Noah Preminger - The desperate act of a one trick pony.

If a critic can say whatever he or she wishes while working in political arena why can't an artist?
- Noah Preminger.

To start, these words were never posted by your truly nor have been spoken in verbal form so allow me to play political science professor for jazz dummies. A critic is sometimes celebrated for his or her outlandish statements much in the same way they can be shunned for statements and conduct unbecoming. Fair or not a critic has more wiggle room then an artist for what I hope are blatently obvious reasons. The point I have consistently made and backed up with factual links and specific examples is that an artist can alienate up to if not more than half his or her audience based on their often naive view of the political landscape. No one cares about your stance on a flat tax when you can at least afford to pay yours and you have a job to boot. They care about your music. The God complex may work for Bono but his last hit was when?

Case in point, Preminger was outraged at the proposed cuts in N.E.A funding by Romney. The very same cuts Obama gave has blessing to after the liberals were shown the door on the way out of Congress. Only during the Presidential election did Obama somehow cough up enough cash to offer increased funding. Look it up...Google it. The information is there. One would think a liberal left wing tree hugger such as Preminger would be all shits and giggles with a win but no...Preminger wants to continue to rub salt in the wound and continue the alienation and down right hated of the President. The more people like Preminger scream for diversity the less likely they are to practise it. Classy move. I subsequently blocked this musical one trick pony and his disc quickly found it's way to my garbage can (after it cooled down from being run through the self clean cycle in my oven). If I want a good ballad, I'll listen to Ben Webster. Preminger attempted to call me out on someone else's page so I pulled his review and susequent interview. Someone please explain to me why I should offer free publicity to an individual that shows such little gratitude and class when it comes to matters such as this? Never piss off a critic no matter how big or small, it simply will not end well. Bad publicity is just that - Bad.

Bottom line for artists, if your desire is to limit your fan base and thus your income then continue to run your mouth. No one cares! They may care about your music. They may care about the fact they "think" they are friends with you when in fact big name artists (real artists)  such as Kirk Whalum employee social media managers and your posts are never seen nor fully read. To publicly challenge ones values as Preminger did mine with lies, innuendo and misleading information is as low as whale shit on the bottom of the ocean. Gimme some links, give some proof I said what Preminger claimed and I can a.) offer a plausible explanation or b.) I'll be more than happy to eat the appropriate amount of crow.

I have posted about the dangers of artists handling situations such as these for over a year. Once again I have been proven to be correct. Preminger is a great ballad player but when you shake hands with him, count your fingers and be sure you still have your watch upon completion, just sayin'. To follow me to another person's page in a feeble attempt to be sure he got his rant in is the sign of a desperate and troubled soul.

As an artist - if you do not have representation in terms of a publicity then get some. Best money you ever spent, until Obama takes it all away.

The ironic back story is Preminger did not hesitate for one second to ask me to use my business connections to hook him up with a deal with ECM Records...Palmetto should find that of great interest. Of course the ECM label responded with an emphatic "NO" thus making it clear Preminger does not know his ass from his elbow and even worse does not understand the difference between critic and publicist.

I blog you. You figure it out.

Please forgive some original spelling errors in an inital draft that went to print while I was leaving to have some chest pains checked out at the hospital. I get a tad passionate when second rate talent attempts to call me out for taking the time, trouble and effort that no one else seems to be giving them with the exception of perhaps All About Jazz which is the best publicity clearing house money can buy if you feel me...if you don't - no worries.