Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Milos Karadaglic Guitar Emarcy 2012

Let's face it...Virtually every six string guitar slinger known to man wants to be a rock star.Milos Karadaglic has evolved into arguable the finest classical guitarist on the planet. Karadaglic is the natural evolution of the guitar within classical music. Tonal elegance and grace combined with a lyrical flair place Milos Karadaglic head and shoulders about the pack. It took the genius of Andres Segovia to compose for other instruments and it took the brilliance of Karadaglic to make it work. Guitarist that followed include Julian Bream, John Williams, and David Russell and it is perhaps these three that are largely responsible for the literature we have been left with today.

While the critically acclaimed Mediterraneo has already topped the charts Passion is on a steady artistic uphill climb. Technically gifted and as artistically proficient as they come, Karadaglic is as an amazing a talent as one could hope to find while never stepping over that self indulgent cliff. The fascinating aspect of Passion is that while somewhat shying away from his more decidedly European flavor, Karadaglic seems to embrace the passion, grace, and fire that is Latin jazz when it comes to guitar. Venturing outside the artists typical comfort zone, the multi-faceted idiom that is Latin music is embraced with open arms and a welcoming spirit of creativity and above all else - passion! A somewhat historical piece by sheer context, solo pieces by Villa - Lobos and Ponce who were the essential harmonic building blocks that share the inexplicable bond with Segovia and tower in the development of the instrument and the artists that are such masters at their craft. Such impeccable tunes included here are Por Una Cabeza which might as well be considered a tango on steroids. Two stellar pieces are included from Astor Piazzolla "Oblivion"  and "Libertango." The variety and flavor included on the brilliant recording are nothing short of jaw dropping. Milos has a very simple rule, a musical flavor if you will. This rule of thumb is to capture the depth and meaning of the music with simple shapes and forms - in short, a zen like less is more. This zen like approach to the guitar is where every note is able to reach deep past the soul of listener where the guitar becomes the natural extenstion of the human voice.

Words like genius, brilliant, and virtuoso and tossed about with relative ease. These words are never more appropriate then they are in the context of this recording.

Tracks: Piazzolla, Libertango; Morel, Danza Brasilera; Villa-Lobos, Prelude Number 1; Dyens: Tango en skai; Gardel, Por Una Cabeza; Cardoso, Milonga; Barrios Mangore, Un Sueno en la floresta; Brouwer, Un dia de boviembre; Farries: Quizas, quizas, quizas; Savio, Batucada; Villa-Lobos, Mazurka-Choro; Piazolla, Oblivion; Ponce, Scherzino mexicano, Chanson; Matos Rodriguez, La cumparsita; Barrios Mangore, Una limosna por el amore de Dios; Barrios Mangore, Una limosna por el amor de Dios.

Milos Karadaglic - Guitar
Studioorchestra der Eurpaischen
Christopher Israel: Conductor.