Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mike Ditka suffers stroke - Calls it no big deal.

Former Super Bowl winning NFL Coach and player "Iron Mike" Ditka suffered a stroke on Friday according to sources. Convulsive issues in his hands and a noticeably irregular speech problem where the obvious clues Ditka was in distress. If you have these or other similar systems always consult a physician immediately. With a stroke, time saved is brain saved.

The Yahoo Sports Blog has the best details with Ditka referring to this as "no big deal" and while taking this week off plans to be back the following week are still being made. Having suffered my own cardiac event as well as a recent Leukemia diagnosis, I would advise Mike but one thing: "Shut it down." Any type of cardiac event, stroke or otherwise is a big deal and the wrong message is being sent to men across the globe with this cavalier attitude unless dropping dead at the anchor desk is the ultimate goal then put a fork in Ditka - he is done.

No one plays, coaches or lives forever but sometimes you have to walk away. I found that out the hard way.

The staff here at WWW.CritialJazz.Com will keep Coach Ditka in our thoughts and prayers (sorry atheists - don't like it then get your own site).