Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eyot Drifters Neuklang 2012

Eyot will drop their latest release Drifters on January 04, 2013. Now for some of you this seems a tad early for a new release review when in reality we are talking just slightly over a month on some cutting edge music which seems to be the consistent sonic road less traveled for Neuklang. Eyot is based out of Serbia and this particular release is about as close as you can get to a sonic virtual diary of their travels from east to west. Drifters is far more than an apt title to describe the nomadic existence played out on the road but is instead a musical time capsule put together by an exciting collective that celebrates the intimacy and personal time growing both personally and artistically during this 4tets highly energetic growth spurt.

While the band posses a highly charged energy the whole yen/yang thing is seemingly shot down (at least by some) as being a bit on the melancholy side of the coin. Despite the failed attempt at pigeon holing this ensemble, Eyot manages to find that elusive pot at the end of the rainbow.  These people are musical realists much in the sane way a critic can not refer to every release that crosses their desk as amazing. Eyot is however on to an amazing fresh sound and approach to a more contemporary sound that could be the next big thing here in the States. The conceptual representation here is of musicians with a hunger for a new sound, the lost chord as it were. The end result is a magical blend of jazz culture with classical piano, the edgy sound of Eastern European folk music and the ambient texture of a walk on the smooth side of electronic fusion. Bottom line is that it works or perhaps it is the symbiotic chemistry of the band members that allow this hybrid in its infancy to slowly begin to take hold across the globe.

"She Is Dreaming Of A Better Day" opens with a rather ominous if  not mysterious piano and drum duo that would make one feel more at home watching a murder mystery until the tune unfolds with methodical like precision including the bass work of Marko Stojiljkovic complimented by drummer Milos Vojvodic.  "The Crest  Of The Wave" is an enthusiastic piece, contemporary in scope without bordering on the corporate boardroom approach band or artists such as Bony Jams or Trombone Shorty might take a stab at. The title track "Drifters" keeps the simple melodies close to the vest while letting loose with to her the subtle nuances that seem to reveal something new with each subsequent spin. Weaving in and out of certain tunes is an almost early Radiohead feel and thus the organic pulse created with the opening track is allowed to come full circle.

Inventive, inspirational and at times somewhat in your face Eyot crashes the musical glass ceiling with ease and despite the myriad of influences from which the band pulls, Eyot is a name to remember for future reference.. 4 out of 5 stars. As close to perfect as one can pull off without finding those pesky sonic tripwires. A perfect mix of the old and the new forming a new sonic alliance for a new generation. 

Tracks: She Is Dreaming Of A Better Day; The Crest O A Wave; At Source; Coils; We'll Get There; Drifters; Firebird; The View Through The Blurry Window.

Personnel: Dejan Ilijic: piano; Milos Vojvodic: drums; Sladjan Milenovic: guitar; Marko Stojiljkovic: bass.

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