Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day - 4 More Years of Bigger Government and No Hope.

Hope and Change never came to America...Instead we received a community organizer that believes that on the job training is a qualification to lead. We received an individual that would penalize some Americans for their success while giving everything to those that have done nothing to earn it.

It is Election Day...A day that holds great promise but instead a day that I fear will have Barrack Hussein Obama return as a lame duck dictator for four more years. Four more years of time and money we don't have to waste. Here is the dirty little liberal secret from the Obama big book of fairy tales - Hope and Change lies within YOU, not the Government. Under the laws of the Constitution we can change our government at any time. The sad thing is our system is so badly broken that Obama counts on the greed and class warfare acceptance of the lowest common denominators of our society to keep him and his czars in power.

As a free thinker and while having what precious little freedom Barry gives us, I will never follow this person, I will never acknowledge his power or authority over this Republic and would encourage others to follow suit. Obama has ruled the roost by executive order. His way or the high way, sorry Barry but your writing checks with our money your ass can't cash...

Freedom of Speech died in this country 4 years ago, political correctness pulled the trigger. We are treading water at best. You can not spend your way to wealth, any millionaire will agree. To pit citizens against each other for your own power grab is not what this country was founded on. I took an oath years ago to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. To Obama this means nothing. Obama would have you believe we must apologize for living in the greatest nation on earth. Obama would have you believe that the Government can decide better than you on things like health care and just how much money you really need. The Eastern Block came crashing down thinking the very same thing. This is not a scare tactic, these are the hard cold facts. Obama is a clear and present danger to these United States and I urge you to think before casting your vote. I'm not a Romney fan, but sometimes the lesser of two evils is all we have. I will never allow the Government to kill unborn children then demand I buy health insurance but my burden is that in facing what in all likely hood could be a terminal illness no one would sell me insurance now at a rate I could afford. Who buys it? The Government i.e. YOU with your tax dollar. The program has to be funded - it is not a free service. Most people don't get that. Vote for Obama and you will get it and get it quick. Too much money in circulation lowers its value. Cutting spending is the only way. There is a difference between a need and a want. Obama just counts on your greed to not know the difference. Is this going to make you vote against Obama? Probably not...But I always buck the norm and conventional is not a word often associated with me. I am simply exercising my first amendment rights before Obama claims those in the name of Socialism as well. The Constitutional Republic we live in is in trouble. When an impeached womanizer like Bill Clinton is still held in high esteem then the moral compass of this country has gone haywire. Times are tough. Obama wins and we get a lame duck to just make it worse. I fear the worst. I have seen the worst in Americans when Obama promised unity only to cry like a child when not given his way. Enjoy your 2nd term if you are lucky enough to get it Mr. Obama. See...I say "Mr." because we are not a Democracy. I won't elect you so your not my President. Millions feel the same. Could a second revolution be the outcome of this election? Time will tell.

The Republican resolve to destroy Obama before he destroys us is now a given.