Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ECM - Thanks for the memories...

While I have had plenty of time to give this matter proper and fair consideration, I will be pulling several ECM reviews. Not all, just a significant portion to make the point known that publicists and artists do not dictate copy on my site. Is it fair? Define fair...Is it fair to have a publicist tell me what may or may not be acceptable to print when no laws concerning libel or slander have been broken? Is it fair to place unfair pressure on a writer to simply try and have then make your point for you?

Most people understand that the phrase "rogue jazz journalist" is rather apt. I have few things in this life but by integrity and while the ECM  publicist and I have parted on an amiable fashion, no one dictates my copy with the possible exception of a federal judge. Editor John Kelman apologized on numerous occasions for over stepping his reach, I take him at his word but little else. The biggest problem with jazz journalism today is that there are far too may outside influences that play a direct role in the outcome of a review. Music is not art. Music is a business and as a business, should be treated as such. The creative nobility of the artistic spirit has died a long slow death at the hands of political correctness. We can agree to disagree but when someone tells you they need to speak with you so that you will "understand" is the p.c. version of saying, "I need to convince you so that you won't cause me any trouble."

It is what it is...I am leaving several reviews as is, I am removing others. As a publisher I have the right and the responsibility to run a tight ship. The fact it must come to this is sad, sadder still is that the music business is unable to keep up with the artistic platforms necessary to serve the artist is such as fashion that they can afford to make a decent living.

Bottom line is this...Want me to work as a publicist then send me a check. Do you work for free? Keep in mind if I work as your publicist, I can not ethically write a review on your work unlike some editors can and DO!

Upon the advise of editors that I trust and practise true journalism, I will be pulling all ECM reviews from my site. Bottom lime - why give an artists or a label free publicity they are too cheap to purchase in an effort to promote a product with minimal interest. Personally, I love ECM anddit is with deep regreat I feel forced to take this action but my integrity means everything to me. I apologize to the artists but not the label....This was their call and not mine. Should this matter upset you then contact John Kelman at All About Jazz.