Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dana Tupinamba' Leaf Rainriver 2012

May You FeelO.K....Another pretty girl, working the hippie chick vibe with the acoustic guitar and the cover photography of the natural vegetation growing in the background. Pretty typical stuff...Or is it? I have to admit my mind was for the most part made up that this is the same girl you could find in thousands of bars across the United States and the more you drank the better she sounded. Not true...

Tupinamba' is a naturally gifted singer/songwriter with the ability to turn a phrase or lyric if you will on a dime and take you in a totally different direction then one thought possible. Toss in some more than passable work on guitar and  you have a crossover triple threat. Tupinamba' is a critics worst nightmare along with a handful of label executives I know, where do you put her? Sidestepping genre with ease she is not exactly jazz, too indie for folk, too folk for indie. "Musician" works nicely. I once asked saxophone giant James Carter to describe himself and his response fits perfect , "A searching artist."

The liner notes tend to back up my statement as Tupinanba speaks of a personal approach, a more conceptualized version of who she is and where she is going and seems rather content with the journey she is on. Sounds like? While an inherently unfair question imagine a musical happy place where Joni Mitchell and Jewell meet. Contemporary yet eclectic. Organic yet with well  placed pop sensibilities has the release has major cross over potential. The closest possible idiom may be chamber jazz but with a slightly more pop edge.

Dana Tupinamba' contacted my office asking if I wouldn't mind taking the new release out for a spin. I hope this is a test drive that never ends. Negatives? Oh, I  could say the whole green mother earth vibe is a bit much for me but that is who she is as an artists so why nitpick? An acoustic performance that is sublime with deceptively subtle tones and timbre that carry the listener on an epic journey. Now a former editor often warned me to not tell a reader what to expect. I'm not. I am sharing a perspective, you may have a different perspective. In music there are no  absolute truths but simply subtly shades of gray. I use the term "former" editor is the same context as a girlfriend that attempts to make her new love into something he is not.  Dana Tupinamba's does not  seem worried about making anyone else into who she really is. A performing artist seeking that lost chord, a sonic awareness and most importantly, finding that  musical spirituality that dwells with in us all.

A magnificent release.

Tracks: Voz Da Terra; May You Feel; Tatry; Song For Nick: Festa Na Aldela: leaf: Caminho Das Arvores; Nuno; Aquas Do Mar; Reencontro.

Pwesonnel: Rina Kacinari: cello; Dana Tupinamba': glockenspiel; Dana Tupinamba' : electric guitar; Matthieu Miller: Flugelhorn; Martin Reitter: piano; Panel Shalman: volin, Judith Reiter: viola; Rina Cacinari: cello: Dana Tupinamba: glockenspiel: Bert Mayer: harmonica; Martubino: alto sax, percussion; Ronaldo Saggiorato: electric bass; Indians of the Xingo; Marcio Tubino: sporano saxophone; Bertl Mayer: harmoica; Marcio Tubino: sax, flute; Carlos Malto: bass f;ute; Bruno; Aranha: ehodes piano; Ronaldo Saggiorato: electric bass; Fabiano  Salek; percussopm; Dabiel Pilz: viola da gamba; Marcio Tubino: alto sax; Bruno Aranha, rhodes, piano; Fabiano Salek: percussion; Carlos Malta: soprano sax, Rina Cinari; Cello, Corneilia Pesendorfer:  Pesendorfer: Opboe.