Saturday, November 24, 2012

Compact Disc vs MP3 and the winner is?


I have long stated music is a business, there have been several notable holdouts from iTunes and good for them but bad for their banker as mortgages do in fact need to be paid. First off, Kid Rock who is a walking, talking musical footnote is releasing a record from a few years we care. The major hold out has been AC/DC who is now rolling out their entire catalog including live cuts and just about everything but the kitchen sink. There is still one notable hold out - Garth Brooks. I never really got this guy but then again, I don't drive a truck, live on a farm nor do I drink beer on weekends. Next to Elvis, Brooks is the largest retail sales Mogul in the business today so does he "have" to follow suit with the others? In a word no...The uniformity in pricing is killing digital music not to mention a limited at best back catalog so I say good for him.

AC/DC managed to hold out longer than the Beatles, Pink Floyd and just about any other arena act you can name worth their weight in gold or perhaps platinum and now they are hitting the road to promote their iTunes roll out. The success should be a given. The fixed and stagnate pricing of the digital age is killing music. Remember when Steely Dan refused to release Gaucho because they thought the price was too high and now what few brick and mortar stores left will normally have it on sales for $5.99 when the digital edition is roughly 8. In speaking with the head of Posi-Tone records the MP3 is far inferior in quality to that of the compact disc. So where is music going? Stuny tuned folks, it's gonna be a wild ride.

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