Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bob Arthurs / Steve Lamattina Jazz For Svetlana 2012

Let us cut to the chase...Will Bob Arthurs get the Grammy for Best Make Vocalist? No. Does he need to or better still want to? I would go all in his answer is no. Instead, the raw energy and honest emotion from Arthurs takes classics like the Van Heusen & Mercer standard I Thought About You and elevate these tunes to a more human touch that has previously been attempted before.

Jazz for Svetlana is a duo release with guitarsist Steve Lamattina. While the official release date is not till 01/22/13, and having seen the release samples available on CD Baby I thought this may be one of those special releases some of you might like to calendar in case advance ordering has not yet kicked in. Music is a gift with jazz certainly no exception. The neat story behind this recording is that classical pianist Svetlana Gorokhovich was so taken with this duet of Arthurs on trumpet/vocals and Lamattina on guitar that her husband asked to produce the release then relinquishing the rights and abilities for Arthurs and Lamattina to market and sell the recording as they say fit. Perhaps Svetlana was so taken with the raw honesty of passion that seems to exude from this release. Nothing pretentious, nothing self absorbed and nothing to push the passive listener into the sonic abysses of the overly cerebral.

Essentially a standards release but with some incredibly tasty reharms including but not limited to How Deep Is The Ocean, All Of Me and Sweet Georgia Brown. This is old school at it's finest yet somehow kicked up a notch. By the way, Svetlana loved her birthday present and another interesting side bar is that all takes were done but once so as to keep the spontaneity of a live performance and the most organic of sound. Bob Arthurs and Steve Lamattina have performed in various incarnations together for over a decade and it shows.

Not many critics would afford you the opportunity to sample a new release. I'm not here to "sell" records but instead offer you the tools you may need to make an informed buying purchase. Taste is always subjective but talent and especially here will always triumph in the end!

Tracks: How Deep Is The Ocean; All Of Me; Birk's Works; I Thought About You; Night In Tunisia; Lonnie's Blues; Stellar Probe; Melancholy Baby; Sweet Georgia Brown.

Personnel: Bob Arthurs: vocals, trumpet; Steve Lamattina: guitar.