Monday, November 12, 2012

An open letter to Hendrik Meurkens...Freedom is not free.

Evidently either my last Obama post or my rebuttal in self defense of the attack by Noah Preminger has angered German born Hendrik Meurkens who left a vicious open personal attack on my face book page this morning so for Meurkens I will dumb this down to his level of comprehension and understanding.

Be a Conservative, be a liberal, or vote any way you choose. I don't care until you begin to trample the Constitution or personally flush the economy down the drain by spending more than you take in. Pretty basic stuff. In reading Meurkens twitter page his hate for Mitt Romney runs far deeper than my hate for Obama and yes...I AM a hater. I love freedom too much to over look the imperial premier reading a famous book written by a Muslim...If it looks like a duck. Always worked for me.

Long story short since my writing causes Heir Merukens so much difficulty that I did him the last favor I could do, I pulled his reviews. I am a full service critic. Hate my politics but applaud my writing when it suites your purpose? Swing and a miss buddy.  Will it kill a decent career? Of course not, does it drive home a point? Yes I believe it does, that being those that scream for diversity the most practise it the least. If Heir Meurkens was a man of integrity the conversation would have been kept private but it was his actions and his alone that made this a public matter.

While the average record is just that, better than average. My overall view of his work is that it is a tremendous waste of time, talent and plastic and should only be purchased should Gary Burton be out of stock. I'm sure Chancellor Meurkens can rest easy as he is no longer associated with a proud Conservative that believes in the free exchange of  ideas, appreciates decorum and protocol and will never back down or apologize for the fascist European countries that seem to somehow think because of Obama they are now better than America. Perhaps Meurkens is unaware we helped rid the world of the Nazi scrurge or maybe has an axe to grind that some of his family were killed as a result. Conjecture on my part, I am fighting stomach cancer. A life threatening illness should not make one suddenly wake up and smell the coffee. This speaks volumes when considering the lack of integrity shown by Meurkens and his all star socialist band. Enough said.

If you are a left wing socialist  please feel free to leave my site. Send me a private msg, I'll leave your reviews up. There is a lot to be said in how one handles a delicate matter such as this. If you make it public then the best advice I can give is never bite the hand that feeds you, never piss off a critic no matter how small and don't tug on superman's cape.

Goodby Chancellor Meurkens. You may have achieved virtuoso status as a musician but as a human being you are somewhere below dog shit. Good luck with that.