Friday, October 26, 2012

The Economics of Jazz - What Disaster May Lurk With The Coming Election.

The days of the major label deal are essentially over. A vote for the current administration is a vote against not only jazz but the cultural future of this country. Ideology has nothing to do with basic math skills and time tested economic theory proven to work. In short, you can not spend your way to wealth. If you are spending money faster than you can print it then your currency eventually becomes worthless.

When the Democrats were shown the door and the Republicans regained control of the House, Obama actually put together a fiscally responsible budget as is his job and as he promised. Funding for N.P.R. etc was slashed and while the moral outrage was significant, did you write a check to help out? Now with the election looming in less than two weeks suddenly Obama is now offering to increase funding for the arts. Quick question, does the idea of "state run radio" make you nervous? Now ask yourself the same question keeping in mind emails have surfaced confirming that Obama lied to the American people and was lax in his responsibility concerning the terror attacks in Libya that resulted in the deaths of three Americans. Watergate was bad but last time I checked there were no fatalities. Obama blamed an anti-Muslim You Tube video knowing full well that was not true. Now how do you feel about state run radio?

What about the fallacy that taxing the wealthiest people at an increased rate will fix the deficit? Do you really believe the Federal Government has the right to control your financial well being or in this case ruin it? Check out this link below confirming everything I am saying:

Yahoo news ran a story that Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any other President over the last twenty years. Don't believe me? Go to and type is the necessary key words and see for yourself so this multi millionaire wants to still claim to be "one of us?"

There are about 50 more credible sources I could site proving Obama's economic theory is simply a disaster waiting to happen. So what does this have to do with jazz? Independent labels are struggling with most lacking the financial resources to help fund certain projects. Inflicting more taxes on these small business could have a catastrophic effect on the music business with smaller labels closing and thousands of artists either leaving the country, taking second and third jobs to make ends meet or simply leaving music all together.

Business has no moral obligation to keep their doors open if they feel it is not economically viable for them to do so. There will be labels closing and people will lose their jobs. Voting against the Obama economy will at least give them a fighting chance.

The fact is we can not afford to fund N.P.R. and things that we "want." We have to pay for what we "need." When ideology begins to overtake sound financial judgement and then we are fed the outright lie that wealth redistribution will fix our problems then you are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can claim to have created one million jobs, you don't mention the million jobs lost that are never coming back because American business has learned the hard way to work smarter and not harder - something competing countries such as Japan learned decades ago.

The fact is music is a business. If we want a rich cultural heritage then "We The People" need to pony up the cash and support the Independent artists, the smaller labels, and the creative spirit that is at the very core of the music we love so much.

"Hope" and "Change" never happened. We are treading water at best. Obamacare is not a free government gift to those of us lacking quality medical care. The government will get their money. With financial reform, banks have learned more creative ways of increasing fees so this proven failure of the Obama economic plan can be looked up as well. Google it. Use your search engine for good, not evil. Numerous artists are going to kickstarter to fund recordings and the process works. Healthy competition in the arts is a good thing but the election could have dramatic ramifications if Obama gets to cripple this country financially. Even artists that have successfully cracked the main stream markets will suffer. A more main stream publication's publisher called me out for making negative comments about the recording industry. I refuse to sit back and allow people to assume something that is intellectually false and misleading. The recording industry does have problems, all businesses do. You don't fix the blame, you fix the problem which is something the current administration has failed at time and again.

Obama himself said and I paraphrase, "If I can't get the job done in 3.5 years then I don't deserve a second term." The average probation period for most jobs is 90 days - not eight years. This has nothing to do with ideology although the perceived notion that when a Democrat calls for more spending there is some sort of pseudo-intellectual nobility attached to it is incredible. Politicians in general are in business for themselves.

Romney may well be the lesser of two evils. There is no free lunch.