Friday, October 12, 2012

Pre-Fact Checking The Debate From Yahoo News...

As stated yesterday, I am an Independent.

The Vice-Presidential debate had everyone all-a-twitter last night and the ideological battle lines were drawn, friends and followers were lost and life goes on.

For me the debate was a push as expected. Biden is a professional political opportunist and Ryan needed to quench his thirst long before hitting the airwaves.

What is important is simply this.
A.) You can not spend your way to wealth and prosperity with money you simply have to print more of. Your currency becomes devalued and your economy WILL ultimately blow up.

B.) Obama's selective enforcement of only bit and pieces of Constitutional law "HE" deems appropriate. A President can issue an executive order but if Obama does not get his way then he simply writes a new law. This is not how our form of government (which is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy) should function.

C.) If you are nothing more than a glorified community activist that lacks the intelligence to protect a Libyan Embassy without instructions you don't seem to feel you need to follow anyway then lead, follow, or better yet - get the hell out of our way! 

But you make up your own mind.