Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old Time Musketry Different Times Steeplechase Lookout 2012

Never judge a book by it's cover or a jazz record by the cover art...usually. There is an old world type charm to this recording as Old Time Musketry and Different Times embraces a long forgotten era of jazz before the pseudo-political intellectuals and smooth jazz pretentiousness over ran a genre that really did not know what hit it.

Another Independent artist/group that reached out to me and I'm glad they did! Folk jazz? Alternative indie jazz? Another dome scratcher as most critics and major publications will in fact look the other way on any music not easily "labeled" as is the case here. Incredibly organic music, acoustic in nature that makes the transfer with jazz sensibilities an enriching sonic experience.

"Parade" is a tune of simple melody but with a complex rhythmic detachment boiling underneath the surface. An intense lyrical sense of purpose coupled with a more whimsical approach from Adam Schneit on saxophone and pianist JP Schlegelmilch combine to give an engaging folk oriented ambient quality while never losing the spontaneous free improvisation that guides the piece home. "Anger Dance" with a syncopated and almost hypnotic use of accordion is another eclectic example of the fusion of complex rhythmic patterns with the art of simple yet oddly addictive melody. "Floating Vision" closes the release and continues the ambient quality of a lyrical cloud of organic joy. The creativity throughout this release is engaging, spontaneous yet never so far off the musical path as to lose the listener or critic along the way.

I actively seek out and champion Independent groups such as Old Time Musketry. While they all have been fixtures in and around the highly creative Brooklyn scene for the last several years, recognition for their artistic achievements is certainly long over due. Labels are for ingredients on food packaging. Art stands alone and true artists allow the listener to make the final determination. I am merely the messenger. Four out of five stars. Anything negative to say here would simply be taking hyper-critical to the extreme. That's not how I roll.

Tracks: Star Insignia; Parade; Different Times; Cadets; Hope For Something More; Anger Dance; Highly Questionable; Underwater Volcano; Floating Vision. 

Personnel: Adam Schneit: saxophone, clarinet; Max Goldman: drums; JP Schlegelmilch: piano, accordion, compositions; Phil Rowan: double-bass.