Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Release Information on Ivo Perelman Nov. 2012

Free Jazz Saxophonist IVO PERELMAN Releases Three Albums: 
Living Jelly, The Clairvoyant, and The Gift
Available November 13 on Leo Records
Ivo - Living Jelly Ivo - Clairvoyant Ivo - Gift  

With the simultaneous release of three new albums, available November 13th, the relentlessly visionary saxophonist Ivo Perelman extends a remarkable period of artistic growth and "intense creative frenzy" that has consumed him since 2010. This whirlwind of activity has resulted in the release of 10 albums in less than three years, with another three already recorded and due in 2013-each impressively different from the rest, and each a prime example of spontaneous composition at its peak.
As with all of his documented music from the current decade, the new albums: Living Jelly, The Gift, and The Clairvoyant--involve collaborators who boast a long history and deep experience with the saxophonist's utterly open-ended approach to improvised music. Perelman writes nothing down before entering the studio; once there, he avoids setting preconditions or even sharing an introductory theme for the performances that ensue. The music literally springs out of thin air, then pours down with the power and beauty of a rainforest thunderstorm.