Friday, October 5, 2012

Naked Truth Ouroboros RareNoise Records 2012

Controlled sonic fury...The sophomore offering from Naked Truth will hit the street on October 23th with avant-jazz cornetist Graham Haynes replacing the original trumpeter Cuong Vu. Ouroboros is cutting edge which is typical for RareNoiseRecords as they continue to take contemporary electric instrumental music and create a hybrid that defies accurate description and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

Poly rhythmic power house drummer Pat Mastelotto along with electric bassist and producer Lorenzo Feliciati anchor this 4tet while Roy Powell adds the harmonic flavor on Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, piano and synthesizer and perhaps the most individual voice on cornetist Graham Haynes fuse together a raw but bold ambient sonic exploratory that is a natural progression from their critically acclaimed debut release. Haynes has worked with self described "musical terrorist" Bill Laswell so the fit with bassist Feliciati is hand in glove. Ouroboros is more of a jazz collective and a truly collaborative effort that hits from the visceral and cerebral sides of the musical plate. Structured but with an open ended harmonic intensity that seems to stress that the conventional creativity limitations that are often self imposed be cast aside. Bill Laswell produced the final mix of Ouroboros and fans of Laswell's work will in all likely hood be able to see his finger prints on the end result.

The opening tune "Dust" is a yin/yang rhythmic feast from Mastelotto and bassist Feliciati. A spatial all most three dimensional sonic depth of field is created with Powell's piano and Haynes lyrical cornet played in half-time. "Garden Ghosts" is an eclectic somewhat cinematic tune that showcases the bands ability to change dynamics and harmonic direction while losing none of their creative edge. A definite lyrical sense of purpose without the pretentiousness one might expect from four heavyweights. "Yang Ming Has Passed" is a perfect showcase for perhaps one of the most under appreciated bassists in Lorenzo Feliciati. Mastelotto owns the pocket with the finesse of a surgeon and his percussive nuances add to an odd metered groove while Haynes syncopated muted cornet lines are likely to make some think of Miles Davis in his later years.

A powerful recording where creativity runs wild and the improvisational genius of the collective is as one. Ambient synergy that can be best described as a mysteriously beautiful experience more so than simply a "recording." RareNoiseRecords and Naked Truth have once again delivered the goods.

Tracks: Dust; Dancing With The Demons Of Reality; Garden Ghosts; Orange; Right Of Nightly Passage; Yang Ming Has Passed; In A Dead End With Joe; Neither I.

Personnel: Roy Powell: keyboards; Graham Haynes: trumpet, cornet; Lorenzo Feliciati: bass; Pat Mastelotto: drums.

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