Sunday, October 7, 2012

Matthew Silberman Questionable Creatures The Interview Part 4!

In wrapping up my interview with Matthew Silberman, I of course wanted to know who he was listening to and perhaps the last disc or formatted music that he may have purchased!

M.S. - " I listen to everything really, all styles of music. The last thing I bought was Rafiq Bhatia's new Strata EP. Really great stuff.
Lately I've been checking out Glass Ghost and St. Vincent a lot, Rafiq's EP, looking forward to checking out the new Flying Lotus album. Was listening a lot to Eivind Opsvik's new Overseas IV album, Robert Glasper's "Black Radio Project," and Thundercat's "Golden Age of Apocalypse" too in the last couple of months. Earlier today I was listening to "The Stenographer's Alibi" by my friend Jessica Martins, who's the lead singer of Via Audio and Modest Midas. There's so much music to check out too. Tommy Crane, the drummer in the band and also my roommate is often the one who will turn me on to new music. His own music is amazing too, hopefully he records a solo project soon!"

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