Saturday, October 6, 2012

Louisiana Red When My Mama Was Living Labor 2012

Like so many of his time, Louisiana Red was a great blues man from an era that was literally overrun with talent. Dark delta blues, mojo-driven as possessed by demons haunting his very soul, WHEN MY MAMA WAS LIVING was recorded over thirty years ago and thanks to the efforts of Labor Records is only now seeing the light of day.

An acoustic blues experience that is as real and as raw as it gets. Pure passion that poured from somewhere deeper than what you and I may consider the soul, Red poured his heart out through his music be it from a vocal perspective or blowing harp. Having recently passed, Labor Records wanted to release something that would pay fitting tribute to one of the finest blues men some have never heard of. Joined by Peg Leg Sam and Lefty Dizz, Red's brand of Delta Blues was the embodiment of a genre of music that is slowly slipping away. There is nothing slick or polished about this recording. Rules of perfection, commercial radio and world tours were not on the minds of these three individuals, they did not merely sing and play about passion and pain - they lived it.

In Red's younger days he hung out with John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. Peg Leg Sam lived for years as a drifter and occasional carnival entertainer while Left Diz was a legendary Chicago guitarist welcome on any stage because of his prolific talent. Precious few recordings of Diz are available and this is one of the finest. From the opening angst of "Walk All Over Georgia" to the classic Slim Harp tune "King Bee" there is precious little doubt this is a recording of uncrowned Blues royalty. While mentioning the motion picture CROSSROADS may be a tad cliche, it is certainly an apt metaphor when speaking of this particular release.

These are all previously unreleased recordings, pristine sound quality but Red probably would not be too concerned with that, he simply wanted to play.

Tracks: Walk All Over Georgia; King Bee; When My Mama Was Living; Caught Your Man And Gone; Bad Case Of The Blues; Little Suzie Jane; Got A Girl With A Dog Won't Bark; Cold White Sheet; Going Down To Georgia; You Got To Move; Going Home; I'll Be Glad When You Are Dead You Rascal You; Cold, Cold Feeling; John Henry; Stole From Me; Joanne.

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