Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Justin Horn Hornology RR01 2012

Nothing like a new shooter on the vocal scene and Justin Horn has just dropped Hornology complete with a fully loaded horn section.

For a debut release of all original material, Horn takes a huge leap of faith and clears all the musical hurdles laid out before him. A nice clear tone with a slight pop edge, a wonderful fusion of the more contemporary with a subtle harmonic complexity has his compositions riding a slightly whimsical there with that typical musicians sense of humor. Having studied both jazz and classical voice his studies are paying off in spades with a rock solid debut release.

"By Your Side" leans more to the contemporary backed with a high octane stacked horn section and guitarist Mike Rose. "Zig Zag" has that post modern funk that oozes from your speakers. A punctuated pop of articulation with mad cross over potential set off by an infectious groove laden sound that seems to be his wheelhouse. "Making Bacon" is pure flavor, I mean who doesn't like bacon? The lyrics are a tongue in cheek of a jazz nasty complete with Patricia Horn on percussion. An original ballad "Short Stack At The No Money Table" is yet another solid and incredibly well crafted tune. A deep rich sonic color palette is how Horn paints his vocal styling. In the overly crowded vocal field, Justin Horn is a refreshing find. Horn's voice combined with his compositional excellence are a winner!

Horn now resides in Auckland, New Zealand where he is pursuing a Ph.D in philosophy at the University of Auckland. Horn's research is focused on the philosophy of music. Auckland would seem to have a burgeoning jazz scene however Horn can only put off that inevitable trip to the Big Apple for so long. This cat has mad vocal skills and can hold his own with anyone. As Horn continues to develop as an artist his skills will only get better but for a debut release Hornology is most impressive!

Tracks: Open The Door; By Your Side; You Can't Get My Love; That Way; Same Thing'll Happen; Zig Zag; I Don't Wanna Know; Makin' Bacon; Short Stack At The No Money Table; Lovely Love; Footprints.

Personnel: Justin Horn: vocals; Mike DeRose: guitar; Jim Sodke: keyboards; Eric Hervey: bass; Ryan Schiedermayer: drums, percussion; Thomas Barber: trumpet; Jeff Pietrangelo: trumpet; Warren Wigratz: alto sax; Andrew Spadafora: tenor & baritone sax; "That Way" features Justin Horn and Ameerah Tatum on voice; "Makin' Bacon" features Patricia Horn on percussion.