Friday, October 5, 2012

Iris Ornig - No Restrictions The Interview Part 2!

Continuing my conversation with Iris Ornig...
1    No Restrictions has a nice open-ended sound, warm. There is a nice mix of musical ideas running throughout. Is this a reflection of who you are as a person in general or merely a snapshot of where you are right now?

I.O. - "It is definitely my personality now. As kid I was very shy and insecure and felt I couldn’t shine. I am also a true believer of treating people kindly and that’s probably where the warm sound is coming from."

Finally....Your influences in jazz, bass or otherwise and what was the last record that you purchased?

I.O. - "The last records I bought were Pedro Giraudo’s ‘Cordoba’ & “Piazolla’ and Pete Zimmer’s new record ‘Prime of Life’. I also was given Brad Mehldau’s ODE by Rebecca Martin which I love and can’t wait to buy his new one ‘Where do you Start’.

My influences as bass players are Paul Chambers, Jaco Pastorius, Ron Carter, Rufus Reid, Dave Holland and currently Larry Grenadier and of course I can’t forget my favorite - Charlie Haden.

As far as music I listen to - there’s too many to even mention  - everyone is different and special in his or her own way."

A taste of Iris Ornig via You Tube!

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