Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fado Em Si Bemol QB Vidisco Records 2012

World music gets another shot in the arm with elegant sound of Portugese Fado em Si Bemol and their intimate and sophisticated style on QB which hits the streets on 11/27/12.

This formidable quintet began making a name with their live performances and QB (Quanto Baste) will be their third release and doing the unthinkable and releasing a live album as their debut. For the uninitiated, in terms of sound you could think of their music as perhaps the first cousin to some Brazilian music for the blatantly obvious reasons. A clear and incredibly organic sound, a cultural sonic cocktail for the soul.

Portuguese guitar dominates the sound of some old favorites from this group and they carefully navigate the harmonic tightrope between the contemporary and traditional roots of their music with intriguing results. The musical resume is undeniable with Fado Em Si Bemol having performed with Ivan Lins, Paquito Rivera and Courtney Pine to drop but a few names. The vibe here would be the smooth jazz equivalent of "chill" with standout tracks including "Matilde," "Do Nada O Fim" and "Folhetim." Not speaking Portuguese is simply not a problem here for those that enjoy practising the long lost art of truly listening. The context and lyrical direction of this eclectic quintet tells you everything you need to know further confirming the old adage of music being a universal language.

A unique synergy of sound, a balance of color and texture helps propel this release well past the ordinary world music sound into an extraordinary experience for those to share. World music fans should flock to this release in droves and given the almost natural appeal to Latin jazz lovers QB should cut a long path to success with the intoxicating cocktail that is QB!

Tracks: Tango Para Teresa; Casa da Mariquinhas; Pica-Pau Amarelo; Matilde; Cantigas De Maio; Fado Loucura; Do Nada O Fim; Marcha Bairro Alto; Armando's Rumba; Folhetim.

Personnel: Miguel Silva: guitarist; Paulo Goncalves: guitarist; Pedro Matos: vocals; Nuno Campos: double bass; Manuel Santiesteban: percussion.