Sunday, October 7, 2012

Donny McCaslin Casting For Gravity - Casting A Wide Net For Success!

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Donny McCaslin
Casting for Gravity
 Release Date: October 2, 2012
  Label: Greenleaf Music

Album Features Jason Lindner, Tim Lefebvre, and Mark Guiliana,
Produced by David Binney

Casting for Gravity's Critical Acclaim:

"Ambitious electro-acoustic venture -- part gritty, part gleaming..."

"...a jagged, groovy treat at funk's frontier." - Boston Globe

"...a courageous, powerful musical statement...It may prove to be an important portal for expanding the shrinking jazz audience." - Huffington Post 
"Casting For Gravity represents McCaslin's most dogged effort thus far to redefine fusion." - eMusic 

 "...a new, welcome kind of fusion." - JazzTimes
"McCaslin may pave the way for other musicians like himself to become popular again." - The Aquarian Weekly