Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Critical Perspective: Getting Defriended on Social Media and Getting A Life

Been bounced on facebook?

Get a life, better yet rent one and see if you like it.

I ran across a couple of articles on the psychological implications of what it is to be bounced off a "friend's page" be it facebook, twitter etc...With the election heating up, rest assured you will see more and more "flame wars" popping up with one party actually convinced they can "win over" the other. This is the ultimate exercise in futility. I have to admit, I've allowed the occasional troll to make my water boil and the end result was not shall we say, "cordial?"

John Abercrombie recently told me that a good critic has to have strong opinions and be willing to stick by them. The passage of time also gives one the insight into smelling the occasional rat when they cross your path. Just today an extremely liberal jazz writer decided he would follow me on twitter. Color me dubious but a flashing neon sign that read "TROLL" would have been just as effective as we disagree on virtually every topic known to man. Out of courtesy I will refrain from using his name or to give this media hound any more time than I am here but...he is liberal and I am an Independent. This same individual runs with the #BAM crowd. Remember #BAM? The self obsessed crusade to rename the improvisational music we commonly call jazz? I avoid race baiting at all costs so I simply used the block feature and went on my merry way. If you have absolutely nothing in common with an individual then "collecting friends" does nothing more than confirm the enormity of the amount of time you have on your hands.

If your an artist and you are spending more time on social media then you are booking gigs there is a problem. Social media has a great many "pros' but the cyber pitfalls can be huge. Check out the link below for some eye opening information or better a book.