Sunday, September 2, 2012

Twitter And The Politics Of Jazz Or How To Kill Off A Fan Base By Writing Checks Your Talent Can't Cash.

The great comedian Chris Rock said, "This is America where a man can say any dumb ass thing he wants." While he was not referring to Twitter specifically, the irony is not lost with what I am about to share with you.

With the pending election tensions are high and will probably elevate even higher after the Democratic National Convention coming up in Charlotte. Over the weekend I noticed that someone I followed made the following tweet, "Anyone that thinks they live in the greatest country on earth, I hold in the highest contempt."

Like Chris Rock said, "Any dumb ass thing he wants." I am not inclined to toss the individual under the bus and embarass his record label. I will identify this person as simply a saxophone player that is slightly better than average and will in all likelyhood live out his performance days playing the club circuit in the New England area combined with the rare gig overseas. If I were a betting man then I would say the smart money goes on a kickstarter project in his near future.

As a conservative independent I do not subscribe to the, "America Love It Or Leave It" philosophy as a person has a right to their own value and belief system. Having and continuing to work as a volunteer publicist for the Montford Point Marines ( google them ) I appreciate that men and women have fought and died for such unabashed arrogance, stupidity and narcissism. Take 9/11.

Thousands were not killed because they were Republicans, Democrats or because of what diety they prayed to. While foreign nationals from other countries perished the overwhelming link was to kill Americans.

Whether you are a musician, a writer, or an athlete since when do we as Americans have to apologize for being the best? When this same musician hits the band stand or local Marriott stage, I am sure he is full of confidence and enthusiasm and not prideful arrogance as there is a big difference but his comment clearly indicates he does not understand the difference and is a walking contradiction. America is far from perfect and has been long before the catchy phrase "Hope and Change" was ever tossed out to the unsuspecting public like a life raft. One problem, the life raft didn't float.

When compared to other countries we are the greatest developed nation on the planet. Anyone remember the CNN story of the Muslim woman stoned to death for adultery? If America adopted a similar judicial system O.J. would have been in jail or dead about :30 seconds after the first trial ended. Perhaps the artist I speak of would be happier there?

I didn't engage the individual, I blocked him. While I would love to pull his review, it would not be the right thing to do. A former editor said you have to separate the individual from the artist. In this particular case the individual and the artist posted as one in the same. I won't deprive others the freedom to choose his music based on my review if they so desire. I will however never review the individual again. Will this kill his career? Of course it will not kill his career and that is not the intent but in this economy if a musician or any entertainer is not being written about or is written about in a negative light then word of mouth spreads like cancer and the worst review you can give is simply none at all. I figure if I am held in such contempt he would not value my opinion of his music no matter how high...The title of his next release being, "Have You Seen My Career Lately?" The definition of a patriot is one that fervently defends his country. Unlike the individual I reference, I believe both liberals and conservatives and independents can be and are all patriots.

I also believe it is not what you say but how you say it...

I have been warned by some writers and some publicists to keep these opinions to myself. If an artist has the right to post his opinion and with the free pass of "being an artist" then I can and will invoke the same executive privilege as a writer. You have a right to know. Integrity not only in jazz journalism but journalism in general is tanking. Not on my watch. I recently used a story aired on ABC to prove Terry Moran's liberal bias on his own twitter page. Some of us take freedom of speech seriously and that includes those that died on 9/11 and the Americans that then continued to fight overseas.

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I Blog America. You Figure It Out...

I would be remiss if I did not remind you 09/05/12-09/06/12 is the anniversary of when Palestinian terrorists carried out the massacre of the Israeli athletes and coaches at the Munich Games in 1972. Let's see just how much coverage or acknowledgement this receives from the current administration. Terrorism is nothing new...