Friday, September 7, 2012

Tia Fuller Angelic Warrior - The Interview Part 1!

Mack Avenue Recording Artist Tia Fuller has a monster release that streets on 09/25/12. Tia Fuller was kind enough to field a few questions for us!

Can you share the origin of Angelic Warrior and how such a dynamic band came together?

T.F. - "The conceptual origin of Angelic Warrior came from wanting to celebrate and embrace the balance of  of the "angel" and the "warrior."  At the time i was writing for the album, i was on the road with a couple of different bands, touring, handling different aspects of the business and musical life, and trying to keep both a level of grace/ peacefulness/ foresight , while maintaing levels of drive/ determination/ discernment.  This concept is something that i keep with me on a daily basis in maintaining the ultimate level of balance during life and any adverse situation.  The origin of Angelic Warrior, was also to celebrate key individuals in my life that have served as anchors and a major sources of inspiration.  In light of paying homage to family and friends that have been my 'angel" and "prayer warriors," paving, keeping me grounded and lifted.

This band was comprised of who i like to  all my "Core-tet," Shamie Royston, Rudy Royston and Mimi Jones-- my family, that have served as Core individuals in my life and music.  For the past year, i have been playing with Terri Lyne Carringtion promoting her Grammy winning album "Mosaic," and through that, she introduced me to John Patitucchi to play electric/ piccolo bass.  Carrington also, served as a direct connection to her good friend Dianne Reeves, in appearing on "Body and Soul."
Can you compare where you are as a player now with where you were on your last release and how that  effected your performance on Angelic Warrior?

T.F. - "I feel that with life, i have definitely evolved as a player since my last recording.  Different playing circumstances help to mold you as a musician and since recording "Decisive Steps,"  i have been doing a lot of work with Ralph Peterson, Terri Lyne, Dianne Reeves, Esperanza Spalding, each gig serves as a launching point to delve into different aspects within the heart of the music, that eventually leads to a certain amount of freedom.  Although, i feel that i have only just scratched the surface, on "Angelic Warrior," i tried to be as musical free, lyrical and to be as technically proficient as i possibly could.  Not free in a sense of playing free jazz, but allowing my ears and spirit to guide me through the music, opposed to just play the parts and reading changes.  Also, allowing the music and the vibe that the band creates to dictate the direction of performance, instead of the opposite.  Relinquishing all and any control, and just serving as a vessel...or trying to."

This is a two part question. What meaning does the title hold and if you were to hope the passive listener took one thing away from the release what would that be?

T.F. - "The meaning that the title holds for me is a matter of life or death...meaning in order to live a healthy life, and maintain healthy relationships there has to be balance. "Angelic Warrior" is just that, maintaining a level of balance in everything that you do.  The Yin and the Yang.

I would hope that the listener would be inspired by this release, and take on this affirmation to maintain drive, will, humility, balance, foresight, and reaching the next level.  Fulling embracing the Angelic Warrior within themselves, and recognizing and celebrating those Angelic Warriors around them."

Part Two: