Friday, September 7, 2012

Tia Fuller Angelic Warrior - The Interview Part 2!

This is part two of my interview with the great Tia Fuller and you can check out part one by clicking the link below:

You did some killer on Ralph Peterson's Jr.'s Duality Perspective which came out earlier this year. . I may be reaching but I sense a distinct influence here, am I close? In a musical field that is predominately male oriented do you ever find yourself not held to a different standard but perhaps more closely scrutinized than some of your male contemporaries?

T.F. - "Ralph Peterson is a definite influence in a lot of my music.  He is not only a master musician, but also a master educator and a mentor of mine.  His recent album "Duality Perspective" is an album that is a culmination of the past and the present.  The septet with Sean Jones, Walter Smith III and myself serving as the front-line, has actually been his band for the past 7-8years or so...and we have just gotten a chance to document and record.  So within that time span, i have subconsciously incorporated many elements of Ralph's music into my own...but with Ralphie's Groove, it was conscious:)  He is one of my favorite composers.

Referencing to your second question, i am more so compared to many other alto players.  I'm not sure if i understand the question completely, but if your asking if i feel more scrutinized in comparison to my male contemporaries as a woman, I would have to say no.  Since i was 18, it was important for me to just be a great musician and not to focus on the fact that I am a woman playing jazz...that is evident, yes I am a woman.  But for me to think or feel that I am scrutinized, or I have witnessed more scrutiny for being a woman playing jazz more so than men, I would have to say, NO, that is not the case.  Generally, I trying not to pay attention to that male/ female rhetoric, if you can play you can play, if you can't you can't and that's it."

While you play alto saxophone but with a far more robust tone that most alto players, do you have any special influences on tenor saxophone?

T.F. -"Again, in that i play the Alto saxophone, i do have many influences on tenor as well.  Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt and of course John Coltrane."

Special Thanks to Tia Fuller and to Jordy at DL Media for helping set this up. Angelic Warrior hits the streets on 09/25/12 and is definitely a release you don't want to miss out on!

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