Friday, September 21, 2012

Sean Nowell Stockholm Swingin' The Interview Part 3!

Continuing on with my chat with Sean Nowell...Part One begins at:

You've done some teaching, so what is the most important thing you may have learned from your students and has that translated over to your playing?

S.N. -"I feel that teaching is essential to be a well rounded musician. I've gotta be able to demonstrate clearly concepts and techniques of all kinds to my different private students as everyone learns differently and is in different places musically and personally. Ultimately I believe the study of jazz music is more of a journey of self discovery than anything else. I go into this art form to express myself fully and completely and not to copy anyone else of try to be anyone else.

That being said, Who are your tenor influences and what was the last disc you purchased?

S.N. - "I love John Coltrane the most. He is the master. Also Jerry Bergonzi (the ultimate Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson hybrid), Dexter Gordon (sound and swing), Wayne Shorter (writing), Joe Henderson (writing and false fingering), Mark Turner (vertical structures), Chris Potter (the modern Bird), Donny McCaslin (incredible classical technique), Joel Frahm (super well rounded everything)...I usually don't buy discs. I just go see the best players on the planet in person!"

So what is up next?

S.N. - "From a recent grant proposal: My ultimate goal is to unite humanity through positive expressions of the human spirit by combining Martial Arts, Jazz/Funk Music, Break dancing and Video Projection into a family friendly show called The Kung Fu Masters: Celebration of Sonic and Physical Movement. We utilize a cutting edge Video Artist, my top notch 7 piece original Jazz/Funk Band, sound activated LED T-Shirts, incredibly athletic Break dancers and extraordinary Martial Artists ranging from Taekwondo to Wushu to showcase the similarities of human creative expression through these four different art forms simultaneously. Eventually this show will tour the U.S. and Asia celebrating the similarities of our different cultures and facilitating true cultural change.

We've just finished mixing The Kung-Fu Masters record and it'll be released early in 2013. You can visit to see videos from our debut super jam with some of the elements listed above. It's great to watch this project grow...

I've started a project based out of Amsterdamn called The NYC/Amersterdam Connection. It's more modern 21st century classical, improv based group that utilizes 3 screen video projection for a truly immersed multimedia experience. It'll be me and Marko Djordjevic (Serbian drummer from The KFM) and an amazing Amsterdam based Israeli pianist, Avishai Darash, and a German virtuoso arco bassist based in Amersterdam, Dominik Ludershmid. We are planning a month long tour through Holland, Germany, Austria and Czech. in June 2013.

In July 2013, I'll do a bunch of gigs in Istanbul with my project I started there 2 years ago which will culminate with teaching at a jazz camp on the Aegean Sea in Izmir, Turkey for 2 weeks. So besides all that stuff, I'll be playing in 10 different bands in NYC, teaching my private students, and hanging out with my Broadway musical theatre star wife, Kristian Wyatt. And most of all: Priority One is HAVING FUN! I want to thank Sean for his valuable if not limited time for this interview!
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